Zoophile Rights Day 2016

Why ?

Since July 2013, zoosexual acts have been outlawed in Germany. This change in the law occured due to the effort of radical pseudo animal-rights activists that associated Zoophilia with animal cruelty, and the overburdened politicans who accepted those beliefs.

On the 8th of January 2014 the German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said: “We are living in a country where nobody should be afraid to admit their sexuality only because of fear of intolerance.“

The law’s impact is much more extensive than just a fine for sexual contact with animals; it affects all zoophiles. We are made to fear temporary “impoundment” of our partners if we come out or are exposed by others – unfortunately this has already happened. The animal’s and partner’s traumatization because of these incidents – even the ongoing fear of such an event – itself constitutes a considerable discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation.

There are many reasons against a general prohibition of sexual contacts between humans and animals. We introduced them all prior to that law, but nobody wanted to hear us.



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